Caro & Chris’s Strathmere Wedding

Wait till you see the connection between this bride & groom! So many moments captured of the two of them, just smitten for one another. Congrats again to the both of you! 
Sitting down with Caro & Chris for the first time & going over all the details of their wedding, I was hoping they would choose me to photograph their big day. Not only was I excited to potencially photograph a great couple, I was also excited to see their plans for a beautiful rustic wedding, come together. They forgot to mention the talented people who would be attending the wedding. Their were some fantastic dancers, singers, highly competitive beanbag tossers & bouquet catchers! Check out the photos below, you’ll see what I mean. 
Thanks again Caro & Chris, It was a pleasure getting to know the both of you.

“First Look” is happening here, wait for it! 

Wonderful reaction from the both of them 

This groomsmen, wins best funny face 😉 

Very well dressed guests, are beginning to arriving


They dance up the aisle to “HAPPY” & with style 😉 

I had to! 


In loving memory of her father

So beautiful Caro! 


Fantastic service at Strathmere! 

Doesn’t the room look perfect?

I think every couple, should sign a guest book like this

She did well in the beanbag toss-lol

Let the games begin!

 Clear the dance floor, these two lovely ladies are coming through!


RED SOLO CUP, I fill you up
Let’s have a party, let’s have a party
I love you RED SOLO CUP, I lift you up
Proceed to party, proceed to party

She’s my kind of bride 😉 So much fun! 


This picture reminds me a bit of “Dirty Dancing” Haha!!! Adorable 

There was NO way, Chris’s sister wasn’t getting that bouquet!
If the brides mom, wants a picture of this first dance, it’s happening! 🙂

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