Gorgeous wedding for Kathryn & Peter, held at Juniper Kitchen & Wine Bar in Westboro. Kathryn & Peter decide to do a “First Look” at The Museum of Nature, prior to their ceremony. We just had enough time to complete the “First Look”, before the rain started. This didn’t stop us from getting gorgeous photos! We headed inside the museum and afterwards at Juniper, we got some AMAZING evening shots in Westboro. Kathryn looked ABSOLUTELY STUNNING in her J.Crew wedding dress & Peter looked equally as “Sharp” in Hugo Boss. Honestly, Kathryn looked like a timeless beauty, wait till you see the pictures! I loved how all the girls worn individual dresses & their colour tones match beautifully. 
A BIG thanks to Kathryn, Peter & your lovely families. It’s been such a pleasure getting to know all of you & THANKS AGAIN for asking me to photograph your beautiful wedding day. 
The designer of your dress J. Crew
The designer of Peter’s suit Hugo Boss
Where your shoes are from Dolce & Gabbana
Florist of your bouquet Blumenstudio  


Isn’t he adorable???

Gorgeous gift to the bride from her groom 🙂 


RED RUBBER BOOTS, can this bride get any cuter? 

Peter, checking out his bride

What a good looking wedding party! 

They are so sweet together! 

Ok girls, you know that look? When your man looks at you & you know he’s in love? THIS IS IT! 

And the award for best dance goes to…….

I love this picture!!!


Kathryn & Peter’s Wedding Day




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photography by Lisa Provencal photography