The rush of the wedding day, I LIVE FOR! 

This post will give you an idea of how I work & what to expect on your wedding day, when working with me. Whether you are currently booked with me, have set up a meeting to meet with me or considering it, this post will give you an idea, of how passionate I am about my “job” 🙂

I spend the night before, going over all my gear, making sure all my batteries are charged, my timeline and all contact information is packed. My lunch box is filled with snacks in the car, along with my water to grab in-between venues. Change of clothing, extra pair of shoes, my emergency bag, lint brush, hair brush, umbrellas, gum, extra camera bag & straps….you’d think I was traveling for a week 🙂 The majority of this stuff is left in my trunk, except my gear of course. I’m actually so paranoid about losing my gear or someone steeling it from my car, you’ll often see me in a store wheeling a suitcase behind me-lol I most likely just left a shoot & popped in to somewhere quickly that my gear is trailing behind me. My family & friends make fun of me for this all the time.

The day of the wedding is never overwhelming for me, because I’m prepared. I’ve given myself lots of time prior to shooting to check my light, surroundings, have my “spots” chosen to shoot in, my “First Look” is mapped out if the bride & groom have chosen to do one. I’ve already had several conversations with my bride & groom and most likely we’ve met 1 month prior to their wedding day, to go over everything. I try my best to stick to the timeline, however lets be honest, changes happen throughout the day & you have to make adjustments and it’s all good! My clients trust me and this makes all the difference in the world. I know where they have to be every hour of the day & I make sure they get there on time, because it’s my job to do so. I’m not just there to make sure they have a beautiful wedding gallery to enjoy for the rest of their lives, my passion is beyond this. I want my clients to be comfortable, feel completely relaxed and enjoy themselves. I think ahead of them and help them map out their timeline so the wedding day runs smoothly. I speak with the officient prior to the ceremony to ensure it’s to plan, make sure the family knows where to meet for the formals, have a plan B for a rainy day, be there for the bride or groom if they’re feeling overwhelmed & reassure them the day is going to be amazing.

First Look: This is a special time for the bride & groom. A lot of couples, truly love these moments captures. It gives the couple time alone before the rush of the day begins. In this case, the bride absolutely loved her families property & the rustic barns and wanted them in the background of their first look. I’d I have to agree, I found it stunning. I loved the textures & colours of the barns against the green fields & grass.


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Direction: If you have a visions that involves other people, you have to walk them through it, step by step. This is exactly what I do for each pose, this way my couples aren’t guessing. I love the moments I capture between each pose or leading up to a pose. These are the moments of truth, the laughter, the silliness and the joy you often see between the bride & groom. It’s more organic and real, which I love. However, without the guidance and the positioning of a pose, it’s difficult to get the right movement & facial expressions you are hoping for in a photograph. Below, I’m in-between  showing the bride & groom, how I’d like them to move & interact with each other. I look so serious-lol


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Portraits: Spending time alone with the bride & groom is important. A beautiful portrait for one another is lovely. Or a gorgeous photo for a grandparent, parent or whomever you’d like to share it with. As well, you want to capture how beautiful they looked on their wedding day.

I got a lovely message from the brides mother after she received the gallery, mentioning this particular photo, was one of her favourites of her daughter. That message warmed my heart & makes me realize how important they truly are to have.

Ottawa Wedding Photographer

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Wedding Party: Working with the wedding party, is always so much fun. It’s like a mini “girls night out”-lol. I love getting gorgeous photos of all the girls together, some formal, some sassy, beautiful candids of them interacting together & laughing. A photo of each bridesmaid with the bride & ideally one of each bridesmaid alone, if the timeline allows it. I take the same approach with the guys.


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 Often times in church settings the lighting is very dim, so you don’t have a choice but to bring out your flash. I try my best to keep it “discrete” and to be very aware of the guests around me. I will move around the ceremony, where ever the officiant or minister allows. This way you get the best angles and facial expressions of both the bride of groom. This is another great time to capture all the guests, enjoying their loved ones getting married.


Bring the bride an umbrella, because “that’s how I roll” 😉

IMG_5941This is just a few of the key points of capturing your beautiful wedding day. The day is usually captures right through till everyone hits the dance floor, depending on your timeline. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me anytime.

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Waupos Winery Picton Ontario:

Family Farm: Picton Ontario



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