I’m a strong believe that taking the time to refer someone, can help grow a small business. Thanks to a mutual friend, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting both Theresa and Onyeka. I meet all my couples at a local coffee shop, to ensure we are both a fit for one another. I want to make sure the vision they have for their wedding gallery, is in line with my style of shooting. As well, your personalities have to work together, otherwise it will make for a really long 8-10hrs together on your wedding day. I knew in the first 5 minutes of meeting with Theresa, I wanted to photograph their wedding. She’s very easy to talk to, has a great sense of humour and she’s just all around kindhearted. After our meeting and Theresa confirming I’ll be their photographer (lucky me) I got an email from Onyeka’s sister. She wanted me to photographer her family at Major Hill Park. I remember the day of the shoot being soooooooo HOT! But again, equally as kind & sweet as Theresa & Onyeka, the whole family was a breeze to work with & we created a really beautiful gallery together. Onyeka & Theresa are blessed to have some pretty adorable nieces and nephews. 
After meeting some of Onyeka’s family, I was so excited for their wedding day. Not only to capture all the wonderful moments, but to see everyone again. To be in a room with so many different cultures, warmed my heart. I have to say, the Nigerian culture knows how to dress. I’ve never seen so many beautiful vibrant colours, on so many stunning outfits. From the hats, dresses, gowns, jewelry, shoes…..the list is endless. Thanks to Onyeka, I learned a bit more about his background & culture in an email, please see his message below. 
A BIG CONGRATULATIONS TO Theresa & Onyeka on your wedding day. I hope I get to see and work with all of you again. 
A little background about the groom’s family & culture, written from the groom. 

“Both of my parents are from Nigeria in West Africa.  I have four siblings (1 older sister and 2 older brothers).  My oldest sibling, (my sister) was born in Nigeria, and the rest of us were born in Canada.  My parents came to Canada sometime in 1974.  There are a few different “tribes” or “ethnic groups” in Nigeria, but my family is Igbo, and the guests that were invited are Igbo as well. My parents are part of a large Igbo community in Ottawa and Ontario.  So the different clothing you saw at the wedding was of traditional Nigerian clothing that you would see at special events, parties, etc.  My full name, Onyekachukwu, means “Who is greater than God?” in Igbo.”

What are your colours? Navy, Silver, Grey, pale pink & Gold
How would you describe your wedding day in 3 worlds? FAMILY, FUN, UNITY 
Would you like to share, how the engagement happened? 
“At home. Polo our dog, had the engagement ring attached to his bandana with a note saying, “will you marry my daddy?”, and Onyeka was standing at the entrance of our home to greet Theresa when she came in” 
First Look, with Dad
Sibling LOVE
Beautiful Ladies, In a stunning setting
This little girl, did a complete walk around the dress. It was so sweet to watch.
Sometimes you just need to find a quiet area & eat your slider
This was awesome. I’m trying to set up the photo of all the ladies at the table, which the lady in blue, is trying to explain to the lady in red. The lady in reds respond “Well take the photo now” lol
Dessert before dinner, I complete agree. Caught you-lol
I love when the iPads come out!
Wonderful people!
How touching are these moments? Beautiful speech to the bride, from her MOH
Isn’t she adorable?
Bridal Dress: Yen’s Bridal & Design 
Florist: Stoneblossom Floral Gallery. www.sbfgallery.com
Ceremony Venue: Epiphany Anglican Church www.epiphanyanglican.ca 
Reception Venue: Lago Bar and Grill www.lagobargill.com
Cake: Thimble Cakes www.thimblecakes.ca
Hair :The Loft
Make-up By: Lauren McCarter and Aine Swift
Groomsmen & Groom Attire: Moores 


Theresa and Onyeka’s Lago Wedding




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photography by Lisa Provencal photography