Well, I want to first start off by saying, THANK YOU to Amanda & Marco, for asking to tell their wedding day story. My first thought when they asked me was, “How Will I Capture A Wedding, With Tears In My Eyes, ALL DAY!!!” But I managed to make it work-lol The wedding day, had so many sweet and wonderful moments, but when your friends are the ones getting married, it’s that much hard to hold back the tears. As well, I know how hard they worked & the planing that went into their day, it means that much more, when you see it all come together. Amanda and I would have numerous conversations about their planning. The colours, the vendors, the dresses, the details, the timeline and the staging of the “First Looks” that’s right people, not one, but two “First Looks” one with Dad & one with Marco, WAIT TILL YOU SEE THE MOMENTS CAPTURED.
We start off the day at Amanda & Marco’s beautiful home. Honestly, this house is off the charts & a photographers dream. All the stunning natural light, minimalist living & white walls, makes for a perfect place, for any bride & her girls to get ready. All the details were photographed using Amanda & Marco’s living room & gorgeous hallways. Once the girls were ready & “First Look” with dad was completed, the videographer & I, headed to the Andaz Hotel, to photograph the guys. Once the guys were photographed & we captured Marco receiving his gift from Amanda, it was now time to get the room ready for the “First Look” Due to the rain & cold temperatures we kept the majority of the photos, indoors. The suites at The Andaz Hotel are very spacious and have a great view of the city, making it a great backdrop for wedding photos. Amanda & Marco’s “First Look” was filled with lots of tears & laugher. We captured many heartfelt moments, during this time.
Do to the rain, we decided to utilize Andaz’s foyer & lounge area for photos, before heading to Le Belvedere. The space has a cool marble wall, neat chairs & bar area. Amanda & Marco loved the space, so I’m glad we made the decision to stay longer. We arrived at Le Belvedere and got Amanda tucked away, before their guests started to arrive. During this time, I photographed the details of the rooms & ceremony location.
I would honestly say, there were a million parts of this wedding day, I LOVED! However, my favourite part would be the constant surprises. Lets just take a minute & talk about these, because I’m still in AWE!
1. First Look with Dad, so sweet & meaningful. As well, the location in the house, made for a perfect spot.
2. Amanda is extremely thoughtful and generous she surprised so many people, with beautiful gifts. From her parents, bridesmaids, mother of groom & Marco. Marco gifted his groomsmen with gorgeous watches & little did he know, Amanda bought his the same one. I was under strict instructions to deliver the watch & make sure he opened it once he was dressed 🙂
3. When the bride is a fashion blogger, you have to wonder if there will be any outfit changes. Amanda wore 3 different looks, surprise her groom & guests. One gorgeous dress during her “First Looks” and formal photos. Another great look, during her ceremony & one final look, prior to her speech & reception. She looked fabulous, as always. View Amanda’s blog post here, on her vision of her wedding day wardrobe https://www.acoest1984.com/2018/11/my-wedding-dresses.html
4. THIS ONES MY FAV!!!! Marco surprising Amanda, with a song he SANG!!!! WHAT????? AMAZING!!! The whole room was in awe of Marco taking the mic & singing his heart out to his bride! Way to go Marco, it was perfect!
Now, lets just get to the photos & relive this awesome wedding!
A BIG congratulations to my wonderful friend and her sweet groom. I’m so happy for you both & thank you again for including me, in your AMAZING wedding day.
Nicole Miller
Beautiful gifts, for beautiful bridesmaids
Amanda’s mom, on her way to see Amanda’s dad, looking all fancy!
Insert tissue! Love these moments
First look
Capital Florist, you did a fantastic job. https://www.capitalfloristott.com
Capital Florist
Mother of the groom, holding back the tears
Arrived at the Andaz Hotel, to photograph the guys
The grooms bother, taking it all in!
Cool socks, ARE A MUST! Love this pop of colour
Such a handsome groom! GQ Magazine, this should be your next cover shot 😉
“It takes a village”
SURPRISE!!!! Now all the guys, have the same amazing watch. Good idea Amanda!
FIRST LOOK, round two!
Marco had so many sweet comments & a few funny ones, that had us all laughing!
So beautiful, in this Nicole Miller Dress
winter wedding Wakefield winter
Sound Check with Jackson Miles
Such a fun way to get the reception started, invite everyone on the dance floor, to shake it to MJ!!
Such a gentleman
Awesome MC!
Let’s PARTY!!!
Honestly, can these two get any more cute?!?!
NEW BEGINNINGS! Enjoy the journey
Le Belvdere
Videographer: Laurent Rostaing
Band & Dj:
Jackson Miles
Capital Florist
Le Belvedere
Lisa Provencal Photography
Andaz Hotel:
Hair & Make-up Artist:
Sim Ferrante
Le Belvedere


Marco & Amanda | Le Belvedere




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