Waiting about a week to complete this shoot, It felt like forever. I was so excited for Julian & Rochelle to get engaged and I hadn’t even met them yet. Julian and I did some planning prior. I spent the evening before shouting out the area and coming up with the perfect plan. Julian had the location all figured out, I just had to figure out where I’d stand & not look obvious. Being a “tourist” in your own city was quite enjoyable and I ended up getting a few great pics, while waiting for the couple to arrive. Julian sent me a message letting me know what they were wearing and about to arrive at the location. Afterwards, I followed them around just before he got to the lookout and where the proposal would take place. We managed to surprise Rochelle, without giving it away and I’m forever grateful to be a part of this amazing evening. Congratulations to the sweet couple & happy wedding planning!



Sweet Proposal In Ottawa




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photography by Lisa Provencal photography